Restructured Lifestyle in a Restructured Space

Organizing is not just a matter of getting rid of some stuff, & finding a place for other stuff. Its not about making your space look like a museum either.  It is an ongoing, holistic process of attitude, space & lifestyle restructuring. Clutter & disorganization evolves over time as a matter of what is going on inside of us and in our lives. The physical space becomes a manifestation of the thoughts, feelings & attitudes of the occupants of the home. Clutter can be a sign of hesitation to step into the future, or anxiety about stepping out of the past.    

Revive your Living Space: Reduce clutter & reduce stress

Stress-Free Spaces, Professional Home Organizing, was founded to address the needs of working families, by providing organizing assistance, that clears clutter, revives living spaces, reduces stress, reclaims lost time & improves quality of life.  

Prioritize, Downsize & Organize

We offer downsizing & organizing solutions, that improve quality of life by transforming cluttered rooms into beautiful,  functional Stress-Free Spaces

Long-Term Solutions & Support

We work with clients as a support system and a guide, during this restructuring process.  Our goal is to help implement long-term solutions, that the client feels comfortable with, rather than a temporary fix imposed on the family. We feel it is is very important to leave you with effective processes and tools that will allow you to continue to maintain your living environment as it reflects your current hopes, dreams, aspirations and the manner in which you want to live.   

You and your family will love the lighter, brighter feeling of walking into your newly transformed Stress-Free Space and we hope to meet and work with you soon. ~Barbara Gini  

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